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Exploding watermelons

Reports of toxic toys, melamine milk, and tainted kitty food are regularly reported being produced in China by corrupt manufacturers. However, who would have thought that watermelons would be the next target? Even these tasty summer melons aren't immune from Chinese food contamination practices. China's state-owned television reports that farmers in Jiangsu Province have been pumping-up their melon fields with overdoses of a growth stimulation chemical called forchlorfenuron. This plant growth regulator has been approved for limited application on fruits such as kiwi and grapes but the Chinese farmers decided that more rather than less of the chemical would be the way to go on their melons. Then the rains came, the watermelons became super swollen, and they started exploding. [caption id="attachment_4077" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="exploding watermelons in China source: Associated Press"][/caption] I wonder what would happen to people who ate the treated watermelons and then drank some jasmine tea? WHB
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