Once Extinct, Almost Extinct, Found Alive

Once Extinct, Almost Extinct, Found Alive

     Lord Howe Island, Australia (credit: Chris Holly)

Animation can often tell a complex story in a far more compelling manner than would be expected. The Australian documentary, Sticky, presents a narrative of hope about the recovery of a species once thought extinct.

The filmmakers used cutting edge animation to present the history of Lord Howe Island and its unique wildlife that were badly impacted by invasive rats were released there. An endemic species of 'stick insects', referred to as a tree lobster, was quickly removed from the entire island by predation by the rats. Luckily, one tiny population was rediscovered on an isolated rocky outcrop and was successfully bred in captivity.

The documentary, Sticky, is the improbably story of the recovery of a virtually extinct species, told in animation, that offers hope for other endangered animals and plants. It only requires being mindful to accomplish what might seem impossible. Here is the award-winning film.


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