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Air Force Tests Bio-fuels

Air Force Tests Bio-fuels

      Air Force F-16 squadron (credit: USAF)

The Air Force is known for its flying prowess and technical expertise. The sleek F-16's often seen screaming overhead are examples of both talents. The military corps also uses huge quantities of jet fuel made from petroleum, often imported from unfriendly places. Like everyone who depends on liquid fuels, ie, all of us, the Air Force wants to find an alternative and domestic source to meet their needs.


                Bio-kerosene Factory in Germany (credit: Technical University of Munich)

The Air Force's has successfully tested an alternative fuel from an unlikely source, biofuels. Test pilots report zero difference in their aircraft's performance or maintenance when bio-kerosene is used to replace standard aviation fuel. The biologically produced fuel from algae has proven to be the only alternative fuel, the Air Force has tested that scored 100% perfect under their tough reviews. The issue now becomes  consistent supplies since biofuels can be produced using anything organic, from algae to cellulose as feedstocks. Research into scale-up continues and major production contracts can't be too far behind.

This altermative energy development effort could benefit everyone. The Air Force may want a nifty green shoulder badge for their uniforms.


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