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Coast Guard Saves Turtles, Too

Coast Guard Saves Turtles, Too

Sea turtle in fishing net (credit: Oceana)

The US Coast Guard has many maritime responsibilities. According to their charter:

"our patrols protect the safety and security of people; the marine transportation system and infrastructure; natural and economic resources; and the US national territorial integrity."

They Guard conducts these duties at American ports, inland waterways, along US coastlines, and in international waters. They can now add another item to their busy 'to do' list, rescuing sea turtles.

A patrol off the California coast observed an abandoned buoy that looked suspiciously like an illicit drug deal drop-off but it was actually a piece of discarded fishing gear. When the guardsmen tried to remove the buoy they discovered two sea turtles trapped by nylon lines attached to the buoy. The turtles would have died from their plastic bindings were they not removed. The team retrieved the buoy and rescued the turtles as shown in a phone video.
The Guard was called upon again to join a Texas operation to rescue even more sea turtles stunned by cold temperatures on the Gulf Coast.

People concerned about sea turtles can come from anywhere and with many abilities. They all deserve to be celebrated for their proactive, compassionate efforts to save marine life. WHB

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