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Revisiting The Population Bomb
Hugh Bollinger

Revisiting The Population Bomb

The Population Bomb (credit: Facebook)

In 1968, Paul Ehrlich at Stanford University published The Population Bomb. The bestseller predicted human population growth would outstrip supplies of industrial raw materials and stress the carrying capacity of the Earth's biological systems. Many of Ehrlich's predictions did not come to pass during the time-line he proposed but others became central for environmental sustainability.

Nearly 50 years on, Ehrich's book continues drawing discussion including a series highlighted by the New York Times, Dot Earth. A video was produced that brings population growth back into the focus. With environmental issues including climate change, marine conservation, air and water pollution, species extinctions, and other ecosystem stresses expanding the topic remains vital.

Review the video to determine if over-population and the stresses placed on the natural world are worthy of more attention. WHB

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