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State of the Climate

State of the Climate

Economist Nicholas Stern helped to develop a report on the State of the Climate for the United Nations. He analyzed what could be done to prevent the most negative climate change impacts. His was a big vision, with payoffs beyond disaster, that could be used to spur better lives for all. The Paris climate meetings utilized some of Stern's vision in their stated goals. Stern gave a TED presentation to expand on his thinking about the State of the Climate, 2018:

The State of the Climate is released annually as more temperature data is gathered and predictive models revised for every country. The latest update is available here. Some of the predictions set to occur in the 2050's have now begun to be measured as anomalies, including measurements above 90F, have been seen in the Arctic. 2017 was the 3rd warmest ever measured.


         Temperature Anomalies, July 2018 (credit: NOAA)


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