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Windows As Power Suppliers

Windows As Power Suppliers

Solar-glass window pane (credit: Ubiquitous Energy)


In the SciFi action move, Independence Day, actor Will Smith took control of the situation and kicked out the alien invaders. It was a heroic challenge but he saved the Earth. Climate change also challenges the planet in an existential way and must be defeated. Solar energy is one renewable energy technology that is growing and helping daily.

What if skyscrapers and any other building could produce their own electricity? Ubiquitous Energy, a California start-up is trying to make that a reality with their transparent photovoltaic material that could serve as a coating for any glass. According to the Company, the new 'solar glass' is:

leading the development of transparent photovoltaics (PV) with their ClearView Power technology with plans to eliminate battery life limitations of mobile devices and power "smart glass" for buildings.The technology is a thin film that covers the display area of electronic products generating electricity to power them.

The technology allows for visible light to penetrate through the pane but the coating captures the infrared (IR) and ultraviolet wavelengths to generate PV electricity. A video gives further information and potential applications.

Independence Day could take on more patriotic meanings than parades, BBQ's, and fireworks if we can get energized to attack the climate change crisis with smart technology and action. WHB

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