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Solar autos

Making solar power readily available for car and truck transportation is a big challenge. With an investment from Google Ventures, an important step has been taken by SolarCity, a leading provider of solar energy for homes, businesses and non-profit organizations. Zero emissions is their goal for electric vehicles that will emit no CO2 from the vehicle's tailpipe. Wired Magazine reports that the Company has installed the first solar recharging stations of the thousands that will be needed to realize this dream. Hopefully, they will succeed in their new venture. [caption id="attachment_6070" align="aligncenter" width="660" caption="Solar powered plug-in station for an electric car (credit: Wired Magazine)"][/caption] What I want to know is when the new electric autos will match the power and performance of a standard stick-shift sedan. Then I'll be standing in line for sure, solar powered aside. WHB
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