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Yes, it's hot...very hot

NOAA has now confirmed what anyone living in the mid-western and southwestern USA already knew. It's hot-- very hot! Nearly 60% of the nation experienced above normal to much above normal temperatures in July and counties in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and elsewhere measured their record warmest temperatures ever. August is approaching comparable conditions but that NOAA map isn't complete yet. Adverse impacts from the heat and drought on people, animals, forests, and agriculture continue unabated. [caption id="attachment_6884" align="aligncenter" width="650" caption="USA July 2011 temperature map (source: NOAA)"][/caption] NPR provided a direct human perspective on these temperature struggles with their coverage of the super heated conditions now being experienced in Austin, the capital of Texas: NPR didn't obtain an opinion on the extreme heat from the Texas governor, Rick Perry, but he might have provided an interesting point-of-view on the relationship between the current Texas temperatures and the environmental impacts from a warming atmosphere predicted in climate change models. Temperatures similar to those in July could continue well into September. Riled Up
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