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Bottled Warning

Keeling curve of CO2 measurements, 1960-2020  (credit: Mauna Loa Observatory, Wikipedia)

Scientific research stations on the summit of Hawaii's Mauna Loa have been collecting atmospheric CO2 samples since the 1960's. The 60 year trend line in the gas's concentration is clear from the sampling data. The gas traps solar radiation as heat and warms the atmosphere.

This Journal's friend, colleague, and documentary photographer James Balog, and his Earth Vision Institute, produced a short film to showcase the important message these measurements from Hawaiian volcano represent. When Balog's video was produced in 2015, the global concentration CO2 was 399ppm. It now exceeds 424ppm, a 5% increase in just 9 years.

We have not been listened to the messages being sent by these bottled samples. WHB

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE from Danny Schmidt on Vimeo.

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