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Danger Days

Danger Days

Heat index chart (credit: NOAA)

Danger Days sounds like the title for hit country song. Sadly this isn't music but a calculation of the number of days where the heat index makes going outside oppressive and when physical activity can be risky. According to the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, NOAA, a 'danger day' occurs when the combination of heat and humidity makes it feel like the temperature is 105°F or hotter.

Warming temperatures are starting to push American cities and states into weather regimes where danger days will happen with evermore regularity. Climate Central is an organization that analyzes and issues scientifically verified reports on climate science. They create 'big data' infographics that allow you to determine the climate situation in your city, state, or region and the potential for 'danger days' when compared to past temperature records. The organization has released their latest Summer 2021 Warning report that concludes: summers are getting hotter due to climate change. We have observed this trend with rising summer averages, warmer nights, and an increase in the number of extremely hot days. Hotter summer temperatures contribute to health problems, including poorer air quality, increased incidence of heat stroke, and other heat-related illnesses.  

The new maps do not make for very 'pretty music' at all. WHB

                                         Summer Warning, 2021 (credit: Climate Central)
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